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  • You Were Wrong, Just Admit It!
    Sunday 28th February 2021 Other than possibly politicians, us football supporters have to be the most hypocritical people on the planet. We moan, groan and express our displeasure in many aspects including our manager’s decisions, players’ on pitch decisions and how, always with the benefit of hindsight of course, ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2021-02-28By stubbsy70
    3 days ago
  • Carnage
    I’m very aware it’s not big or clever but I have a hangover this morning. A proper thumper. One of those where I physically move my head and my brain catches up a moment later. But Auba’s late winner makes the pain a lot easier to handle. Yesterday was ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2021-02-26By stubbsy70
    6 days ago
  • A Reminder
    Sunday 21st February 2021 Sometimes you can devide a match into 15 minute periods. Roughly. In the 1st we went behind to a ridiculously soft, avoidable and ultimately crucial goal. And we could have been two or three goals behind and dead and buried. In the middle fifteen nothing ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2021-02-21By stubbsy70
    1 week ago
  • Level in Rome
    Friday 19th February 2021 Let me take you back to a Sunday in February 28 years ago. Back then I played football. Not at a particularly high level but for a Sunday side that won leagues and cups as high as it could get in that format. On the ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2021-02-19By stubbsy70
    2 weeks ago
  • Roses are Red…….
    Monday 15th February 2021 ……violets are blue, the Arsenal scored 4, Leeds only got 2. I’m not sure if anybody else has used this very light hearted and easy Valentines based opening line but as far as I’m aware it is a totally accurate statement. Or it was when ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2021-02-15By stubbsy70
    2 weeks ago
  • A Hugely Disappointing Week
    Saturday 6th February 2021 Eliminating mistakes could not have been more emphasised than this week. Whatever we feel about the ridiculous, wrong and arguably crooked decision to send off David Luis on Tuesday, we switched off at a time where we could have easily and comfortably seen the half ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2021-02-06By stubbsy70
    4 weeks ago
  • Lawless & Cruel
    Tuesday 2nd February 2021 Disappointment after watching my team is something I have experienced many times. Hundreds in fact. But it is a long long time since I’ve felt so much frustration and anger than tonight. There is so much of tonight’s performance to be pleased about. And yet ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2021-02-02By stubbsy70
    4 weeks ago