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  • A 2-2 Defeat Against the Russians
    Sunday 1st August 2021 When one of your defenders passes the ball to your opponent’s centre forward on the edge of your box so all he has to do is roll it into the net and shortly after you smash the ball in off the bar, the officials do ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2021-08-01By stubbsy70
    3 days ago
  • Harsh or Good?
    Tuesday 27th July 2021 These trips to reserve/academy/youth, call them what you like, friendlies are always very enjoyable. Summer dictating you have a good chance they will be accompanied by decent weather coupled with a relaxing journey to a destination we either haven’t been to or certainly not very ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2021-07-28By stubbsy70
    1 week ago
  • Scotland Anti-Clockwise
    Sunday 18th July 2021 There will be a few pictures accompanying these words once again, mainly because it has been a proper multi day Scottish tour since Hibs. So why not. I left you on the day I departed sunny Edinburgh and that weather has continued ever since. Starting ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2021-07-18By stubbsy70
    2 weeks ago
  • North of The Border
    Wednesday 14th July 2021 There was something that felt very special about tonight. Not normal. Having to rely on friends from the remarkable Gooner family to help get us in is testament to that. But special. Why? Yesterday I got on a train and headed up north to see ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2021-07-14By stubbsy70
    3 weeks ago
  • Planes, Trains……& More Trains
    Friday 9th July 2021 Although technically a hovercraft, the crossing is called a flight, so I’m having that! My return journey into Cornwall for last night’s friendly just over the border in Tavistock, Devon has been quite something. Long, interesting, incredibly picturesque and thoroughly enjoyable. Arsenal being the excuse ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2021-07-09By stubbsy70
    4 weeks ago
  • Go West
    Monday 7th July 2021 Every pre-season I try and consider what would be the best time to write my first thoughts and the truth is that time and occasion never seems to be the same. So, what has made my mind up this time round? Well, all being well, ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2021-07-05By stubbsy70
    4 weeks ago