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  • Pre-Season 2021/22, Part 2
    [getty src="1331613879" width="594" height="440"] Sunday 25th July, 2021 When I volunteered for this piece, I had just written the preview for the Crystal Palace game at the end of last season. In truth, I’d had enough of football at the end of a season that had promised so much ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2021-08-02By Trev
    2 days ago
  • Pre-season, Part 1: A very confusing picture
    Capitola Rob Holding tries to convince aging American to sign for the Arsenal after beers and too many bacon baps. The planning that informs our range of articles on this site is most impressive and is very carefully and democratically done. We looked to move seamlessly into the new ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2021-07-24By TTG
    1 week ago
  • The First Rules, the Lost Rouge and the Making of The Modern Game
    [getty src="79050482" width="594" height="393"] As promised in the preview of our league game at Sheffield United last season, here are some summer ramblings on the early laws of the game. By way of disclosure, there is not much Arsenal in this as it covers the three decades before the ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2021-07-17By North Bank Ned
    2 weeks ago
  • Groundhog Day and Not a Happy One
    A number of years ago I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Sir Geoff Hurst. I made the point to him that since late July 1966 he has almost lived a Groundhog Day existence. He understood my point that every single day of his life everyone who meets ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2021-07-12By TTG
    3 weeks ago